Wear Many Hats is a podcast where we talk about your main gig but mostly your side hustle.

That could be you. That can be anyone. Everyone wears many hats.

The name was conceived when host, Rashad Rastam started his first agency gig in 2015 in New York City. As a Graphic Designer, the Creative Director told him he wore many hats after gifting the team hats from his clothing company, Dahsar.

​In 2012, Rashad Rastam founded Dahsar, the contemporary whateverwear brand, publication, and creative design studio. In 2018, Rastam created the Wear Many Hats Podcast.

You can find the host via Instagram and Twitter.

For all brand consultancy, collaboration inquiries or interested in coming on the podcast, please reach out at wearmanyhatsemail@gmail.com

Dahsar and Wear Many Hats are a trademark of Dahsar LLC

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Christian Schwartz of Episode 01 reached out to Diane Chang of Episode 70 to write a cooking article for The Food Issue for Commercial Type

Lichen NYC of Episode 23 mentions us as cool people to check out for searchbar.world

Marissa Le of Episode 40 reached out to Paul Tao of Episode 79 for a campaign for Cole Haan x atmos USA